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Hi all,Mia_3

This is a brand new part of my site, where I will answer your questions on carpet cleaners.

I have learned a lot from my own experience and from putting together and researching this website.

So, go ahead and send me your questions, and I will list them below so that it can be of use for everyone.

They will of course be listed without your full name and email.



Regarding Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctor,

Which of these machines cleans the padding under the carpet the best as for cat urine smells?


Hi Steve,

I cant surely say which cleaner cleans the padding under the carpet for urine best, but they both are specialized on pet stains, and they are, in my opinion, two of the best carpet cleaners, so whatever you choose I do not think you will go wrong.

You can read this comparison to get a better understanding of their differences: Bissell Big Green vs. Rug Doctor. Make sure that you get a carpet cleaner solution that is specialized on pets, like the Bissell pet stain and odor formula, as they will help you remove the bad smell.

Best of luck, Mia


I used to borrow my sisters carpeting cleaning equipment every so often, but she moved recently. I’ve waited as long as possible but now I really need to get professional help with my carpeting. Are there any sure fire ways to make sure that I get a good company to work on my carpets?


Hi Jordan, 

It is difficult to be completely sure that they are good. I guess the only thing you can do is to try to find reviews of them online. Or use someone that your friends previously have used. If you need work done often, you might want to buy instead of renting. If you have large areas of carpets I can really recommend the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.

Good luck, 


Thank you for this information blog. One thing you might like to also know about cleaning your Oriental or Persian rug is that is is best to only use natural cleaning products like yogurt over than mild detergent. Using these natural products with regular hoovering and damage checks will guarantee your rug a longer life.


Thank you Sharafi! I really like your tips about natural cleaning products.


I have been wanting to use one of these quality cleaning machines on my carpet. The only problem is that the price tag is just to large for my family. Do you guys know of any rental services or another type of program that would allow me to use one without having to pay the large price tag? Thanks so much!


Hi Jordan! If your carpet is large and its a one time deal, go ahead and rent. I am afraid I don’t know which services are good, since it is not my area. I think you may find that it is cheaper to buy in the long run as they can be expensive.



Just the other day when I was vacuuming, I came to my rug, and I didn’t know if I should go on it with the vacuum. So, from what you say that’s alright to do, but if I want a deeper clean I should have a regular cleaning schedule. I think I could do that. My wife is good at getting me to follow routines.


Hi James,

I understand you have an area rug, so it should be OK to vacuum it, and do it regularly. But to get a deeper clean you should consider using a carpet cleaning machine.


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