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Review of Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

The Bissell Big Bissell carpet cleanerGreen Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner 86T3/86T3Q is one of the two giants in carpet cleaning. It has a reputation for cleaning extremely well, and, in our opinion, the only other carpet cleaning machine that can compete with it is the Rug Doctor. In this comparison you can see in detail how they compare: Comparison of the Rug Doctor and the Bissell Big Green.

The Bissell Big Green has a huge following amongs pet lovers, and the reason for this is the effective cleaning and smell removal of pet vomit, pet stains, and pet urine.

Its buyers seem to love this machine, and it has outstanding reviews and ratings all over the net.

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine comes with the following features:

  • A large removable water tank with a 1.75 capacity
  • A six inch stain attachment tool
  • A 10.5 inch cleaning path width
  • A top of the line rotating brush system
  • A  24 oz bottle of deep cleaning formula
  • A  5 year warranty

Proscleaner view

Bissells Big Green gives your carpets a professional deep cleaning. It cleans and dries your carpets very quickly. Since the water tank is much larger than most of its competitors, you won’t have to replenish the water as often. Thus, the job gets done much faster.

It also removes more dirt due to its power brush system. These brushes can also be removed in order to clean out pet hair. Once you are finished with your cleaning project, just fold down the handle to store it in a small space.

It cleans in both directions, which means that you will save time since most machines can only clean in one direction. You need to make less passes with the Big Green.

Cleaning toolCons

The Big Green is a great machine, but it does have a few minor flaws as well. The machine is somewhat heavy, but it is manageable. Also, it does not have a water heater, but most users say that it isn’t needed because the water remains hot during the cleaning process.In addition, it does not have an edge cleaner, but it comes with a six inch cleaning attachment that can be used to reach the edges of your carpet. Also, one consumer commented online that the handle extends, but the Big Green might not be a good choice for anyone that is extremely tall.

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How Does it Compare to The Rug Doctor?

The Rug Doctor is also a high end deep cleaner that provides professional results. It too has a deep cleaning solution for pet owners. Rug Doctor works by injecting water into the carpet and cleaning it with a vibrating brush.The brush agitates and scrubs the carpet until the stains are broken down and easy to remove. The dirt is then suctioned out, which leaves your carpets beautiful and clean.

There are those that think that the Bissell Big Green does a better job at deep cleaning because you can push and pull the machine. It cleans in both directions. But the Rug Doctor only allows you to pull it in one direction, which means it will take more passes to clean. Even though the Bissell Big Green is considered to be bulky, many customers think that the Rug Doctor is even bulkier. The Rug Doctor is not as compact as the Bissell Big Green.

The Rug Doctor has a larger tank. 3 gallons vs 1.75 gallons of the Big Green. It also has a slightly longer power cord, 28 ft vs the 25 ft of Bissells Big Green. The larger tank means that you need to do less refills when you clean. The longer cord makes it easier to work in several different rooms.

The Rug Doctor is also slightly lighter with a weight of around 39 lbs vs around 42 lbs for the Big Green.

However some users seem to believe that the Rug Doctor does not suction out enough water during the cleaning process. Thus, it may take longer for your carpets to dry if the Rug Doctor is utilized.

Ease of Use
Help & Support
Our Overall Rating

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is very popular because of its extremely effective cleaning. It is a good choice for pet lovers or anyone who has stains that are very difficult to remove.


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2 thoughts on “Review of Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine”

  1. Love my Big Green Cleaning Machine. Have had it for 5 years and not one problem (knock on wood)… It is heavy and bulky ( downside) but worth every penny.

  2. We had the predecessor to the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine – the Big Green Cleaning Machine. The original was so good that after 8 or 10 years when we couldn’t get a part it something, we got the new model; the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. I didn’t think the newer model would be as good, but it’s better. I know someone is going to bad mouth this unit, for some reason & I’m no carpet cleaner expert, but when you see the grit, dirt, hair and everything else that this unit removes from carpet that doesn’t even look dirty, you will be a believer.

    I almost never leave a review, let alone this positive, but truth be told, I will always have a Bisset carpet cleaning product, it’s that good & reliable. Just follow the directions. Maybe a little clumsy /boxy, slightly heavy, but it’s a carpet cleaner; it doesn’t wear a bikini, it cleans carpets.

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