Carpet Cleaner FAQ


Many people have questions about what they can or cannot do with a carpet cleaner. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get about carpet cleaning machines.

1. Can I Use My Carpet Cleaner to Clean Things Other Than Carpet?

Many people like to use carpet cleaners to clean mattresses, car upholstery, curtains and upholstered furniture. If this is a function you are interested in look for a carpet cleaning machine that has an attachment to clean upholstery, you can find several in my chart on the homepage.

If you intend to clean your floors I recommend that you purchase a steam mop or a steam cleaner. Some carpet cleaning machines have tools designed to work on floors; however, take precaution when using them on wood floors. Also, do not use a carpet cleaner on delicate fabrics such as velvet and silk.

Remember, the best way to determine if it is okay to use a carpet cleaner on a particular item is to read the manufacturer’s directions for that item.

2. Is it Safe to Use Cleaner Solutions other Than the One that Came with My Carpet Cleaner?

It is probably okay, but it is best to follow manufacturer guidelines. Many machines work best with specially formulated products. Although it may be possible to clean your carpet and other items with generic products, you could possibly get them even cleaner with the specially formulated products that come with your product.

3. I Just Deep Cleaned My Carpet: When Will it Be Dry?

The drying time will depend on many different factors. What type of carpet do you have? How thick is your carpet? What type of cleaning technique did you use? All of these things will affect your drying time, you should wait at least a couple of hours before you walk on your carpet after you clean it.

4. How Should I Clean Stairs with My Carpet Cleaner?

The best way to clean stairs is to use the stair tool accessories that come with some carpet cleaners. An upholstery nozzle will clean stairs efficiently and get out most stubborn stains. Not all cleaners has a stair tool though, so look at my chart first to make sure.

5. What Types of Carpet Can I Clean with a Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet cleaners are safe to use with most carpets. It is generally okay to clean Berber carpeting if you don’t get it too wet and wool carpeting if it is cleaned with cool water. It is also okay to use carpet cleaners on area rugs and shag carpeting. However, do not use a carpet cleaner on braided rugs, jute carpets, hand-loomed wool rugs, cashmere rugs, silk, sisal carpets or any carpet or rug where the manufacturer suggests that it should be dry cleaned.

6. Will Cleaning with Water Damage My Carpet?

Cleaning products are formulated to mix with water to clean carpets efficiently without damaging them. Although most carpets have been pre-treated, they still need to be cleaned with cleaning products and water in order to get rid of dust mites, allergens and dirt, and this process does not harm carpets.

7. Is Owning a Carpet Cleaner Affordable?

You want to keep your home clean and smelling fresh without spending a lot of money. Purchasing a carpet cleaning machine can save money because money won’t be wasted on carpet cleaner rentals or professional cleaning. Also, you’ll have more opportunities to clean your home once you’ve invested in it.

8. Should I vacuum before I use a carpet cleaner?

Yes, it will help get rid of the worst part of the dust and dirt on top of the carpet and make the deep cleaning after more effective.

9. How often should I use a carpet cleaner?

This depends on a number of factors, the amount of traffic your carpet receives, if you have kids or pets, and if you smoke.

If you don’t have kids or pets, and don’t get much traffic, once per year is enough.

If you have kids or normal amount of traffic, you should consider using a carpet cleaner at least once per 6 months.

If you have pets, high traffic, or smoke, you should clean the carpet with a carpet cleaner around every 3 months. You should also vacuum it twice a week.

10. How do I keep my carpet looking new?

Vacuum it regularly, and use a carpet cleaner according to the schedule above. It is also important to be quick to clean up and remove stains. Don’t let the stains settle, or they will be much tougher to remove, and there is a risk that the carpet may become permanently stained.