5 Things Not to Do with a Carpet Cleaner

DontCarpet cleaning machines need to be used and maintained properly. Here are five things that you should not do with a carpet cleaner.

1. Fail to read the owner’s manual for your carpet cleaner.

Most cleaners have basic functions that are generic to all carpet cleaners. But others have specific functions that make them unique. Learn them. Most manufacturers provide articles and videos that show how to properly use their cleaning machines.

Don’t assume that you know how to use a new cleaner based upon an old one. If you still have questions after reading the manual, contact the manufacturer.

2. Fail to clean and empty the tanks after each use.

Many carpet cleaning machines have removable water tanks, which makes the cleaning process more convenient.  Not only does this rid the machine of bacteria buildup, but it also hinders the growth of mold spores. In addition, this prevents the cleaning solution from drying up and clogging the insides of the machine. This is why the tank should always be emptied, cleaned and thoroughly dried after each use.

3. Fail to clean the brushes after each use.

Items such as pet hair, gum, glue or even nail polish can get stuck in carpets over time. Unfortunately, these things can get tangled up in the brushes of your carpet cleaning machine. If these items are not removed, they remain imbedded in the brushes. This may decrease the efficiency of the carpet cleaning overall. Clean the heads so that the carpet cleaner runs at its best.

A nice carpet

To make sure you carpet cleaner is as efficient as possible, use the recommended carpet shampoo, maintain it regularly, store it indoors, empty the tanks and clean the brushes.

4. Fail to use the carpet cleaning solution that is recommended for your carpet cleaning machine.

If a manufacturer recommends a specific cleaning solution, this means that the machine was designed to work with this particular cleaner. In addition, some leading manufacturers will void the warranty on your carpet cleaning machine if you fail to use the recommended cleaning solution.

5. Use or store the carpet cleaner in an outdoor space when it is intended for indoor use only.

Carpet cleaners should not be exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. Never use or store them in exterior spaces such as on a patio or in the garage. This also includes spaces that are exposed to hot temperatures such as attics and sunrooms.

To maintain your carpet cleaner properly also see our Carpet Cleaner Maintenance Guide.

Deep cleaning your carpets is very important, but make sure that you use your carpet cleaning machine properly.  Read the owner’s manual, and follow all manufacturer recommendations and maintain your machine properly. Not only will this save you time and money, but it can also help to extend the life of the machine.


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