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How to Remove Old Carpet Stains (Properly)

carpet dogIt always seems like no matter how you try to keep them clean, something always ends up staining your carpets. Some of these stains you were able to remove immediately with a few household products and a little elbow grease. But a few of them were not noticeable until they had permanently set into the carpet, such as the little present that was left by your puppy.

These are the worst stains to get out because the stain has had enough time to bind with the carpet and settle. Unfortunately, regular stains are hard to get out, but what about the really tough stains like grape juice, wine, chocolate, coffee, urine, nail polish or blood? They are twice as bad once they have settled in.

You Need Efficiency

There are plenty of solutions that you can use around the home. Many are found in your own kitchen cabinets or pantry. Cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, cold water, hydrogen peroxide and salt are some of the more common cleaners.

Many of these homemade solutions are not strong enough to remove stains that have been in your carpet for some time.

Sure, you might want to save a few dollars by using readily available items that are in your home. But which is more important at this point? Would you rather remove a stain that has been gnawing at you for the last year, or would you rather save a few dollars? Now may be the time to get a carpet cleaner that in combination with a powerful cleaning product will get out those stubborn hard to remove stains.

Time To Upgrade?

Use the following tips for finding the right carpet shampooer and commercial cleaning solution.

The Right Carpet Shampooer

It might be time to make an investment and get a reliable carpet cleaner. If you think that you’ll need a carpet shampooer only a few times a year, and you have a small carpet, you might want to invest in a portable spot cleaner. Or, you may just want to rent a reliable carpet shampooer from your local grocery store.

If you have a larger area to clean, you will need a more powerful machine. There are a lot of budget options available that clean well, for less than 200 USD you can get an effective and good quality budget cleaner that you can use for several years.

Have a look at our  Carpet Shampooer Buying Guide to help you select the right unit for your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Products

Home remedies are just not good enough at this point. What you need is a tough solution that in combination with the right carpet shampooer can get out your stubborn stains.

The Two Best Carpet Stain Cleaners

Hoover Platinum Collection Instant

This stain remover from Hoover is very effective at removing stains, old and new. It is good at removing stains from oil, mud, pets and more.

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Bissell OxyPro

OxyPro from Bissell has gotten lots of love as a carpet stain remover, and many reviewers noted that it is good at removing old stains as well as new ones.

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In conclusion

It can be very disheartening when there is a stubborn stain sitting front and center in your carpet, and you have no way of removing it. Although there are plenty of products that you could use right in your kitchen, they are likely not strong enough to help you at this point.

You need a powerful commercial cleaning product and preferably a carpet shampooer to do the job right. You’ll love the fresh new look of your carpet once it is gone.