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Best upholstery cleaner

Do you remember growing up as a kid and your grandmother failed to remove the plastic from the living room furniture after it was purchased?  She refused to take the plastic off because she did not want to get her beautiful white sofa soiled by the friends and family that sat on the furniture. Even though the furniture made such a load crackling noise every time that someone sat on it, her furniture managed to stay clean for years to come, even without having to buy any upholstery cleaner.

Yes, the plastic stuck to the back of your legs during the summer, but your granny’s white sofa always remained clean. Come to think of it, you probably never saw your grandmother use upholstery cleaner either.  But, most modern mothers and grandmothers do not keep plastic on their furniture and it gets very dirty over time. However, this is nothing to fret about because there are plenty of good upholstery cleaners on the market, and they will do a good job of keeping your furniture clean, even without the plastic. The following is a small list of some of the best upholstery cleaners around:

BISSELL Spot & Stain Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner, 9351. This is a great carpet and upholstery cleaner that is ideal for both quick and fast spot cleaning as well as full upholstery jobs.  It has the ability to uplift stains to get your fabric and carpet surfaces clean, but it also repels dirt so that new dirt is not able to sink in. It also has been getting great reviews by users online.

Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet and Upholstery Detergent 50 oz, AH30035- This upholstery detergent  is designed to work on blood, grass and vomit stains. And the reviewers on the net seem to agree. It is especially formulated to get rid of hard to remove pet stains, without the need to pretreat.  It is a commercial grade formula that can be used with deep cleaning machines.

Carbona 2 in 1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner– This is a cleaner that works to clean both carpets and upholstery.  It is a good choice for pet owners because not only does it clean stains, but it also sanitizes the area.  However, it is mild enough to take on regular stains around your home that are hard to get out.  The bottle contains a brush on top that makes it convenient for you to deep clean any messy stain in your home.  It has great user reviews on the net.

Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B-This is an environmentally friendly upholstery cleaner that does not contain dyes, phosphates or heavy metals.  It also has detergent that is biodegradable.  This particular formula is designed to work in brand name deep cleaning machines such as Hoover, the Rug Doctor and Dirt Devil. Its users online are really happy with it in their reviews.

Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaner–  This is Woolite’s product for cleaning highly trafficked areas of your home.  It cleans your upholstery and gives it a nice smell too.  It has the ability to deep clean stains, get rid of odor and repel stains.  This is a multipurpose product that will do wonders to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. It has great reviews on the net.

As you can see, finding the best upholstery cleaner is not that hard to do.  The aforementioned list is great if you want to clean manually or with a deep cleaning machine.  Most of the formulas have multi functions.  They can clean dirt, freshen your home and repel against future stains.  Most importantly they are affordable and quality products that can help you to keep your home clean and fresh at all times. These products will not disappoint you.